Remember, each day that you don’t have a web site, your competitors are making sales that might have gone to you!

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PetalWeb is a small Web Design and Development business, based in the beautiful Midlands area of KwaZulu-Natal, which specialises in producing beautiful websites, which are - by design - simple, straightforward & easy to maintain.

Our customers are mainly small or medium sized businesses where the owners & partners simply do not have the time to develop the expertise to do it themselves. Some of our customers are one man outfits too!

You can see some examples on this page & if you are local, you may well know the companies! In many cases, PetalWeb has carried out the whole job from start to finish - that is, from initial graphic design (including logo design) to website design all the way through to deployment & maintenance.

Our full range of services are listed on the Services page but if you would like to discuss why it might be good for you to have a website, or what is involved, or what it might cost, then please do one of the following:

  • Browse the Services page - there is a clear section describing what goes into building a website
  • For more information, browse the FAQ page, in case the jargon doesn’t mean much, as yet
  • THEN
  • CALL on 0768 727 734
  • OR
  • EMAIL us directly
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  • Go to the CONTACT page & send us a message

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